Psychotherapy & Counselling Explained


In counselling, we are looking at a particular situation that has come up in your life at this moment in time. We look at strategies / tools to help you work through the problem at hand and identify a path forward that works for you and your unique situation.


In Psychotherapy, we are interested in the patterns of our life that re occur and wish at times they didn’t. When they do re occur we may go “I wish I didn’t react like this but here I go again”.

If your reading this website then chances are you have had enough of the patterns and are ready for a fresh start a new way of looking at your life.  In “therapy” we look for possible events in the past that have contributed to this way of thinking or behaving that no longer serve your best interests and perhaps the people around you.  We examine the parts that make up the detail and decide if we want to keep these or replace them with another thought, action or attitude.